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I’m still working on my homework for the Bruges crochet class I’m taking with Tatyana Mirer at Knit-A-Way.  I’m using Galler Yarns Parisian Cotton and a 00 (3.5 mm) crochet hook.  So far, I’ve finished the oval and am mostly finished with the square.  I still need to complete the curve and start two swatches for use in class by Thursday.

My Bruges lace square in progress.

I started swatching for a cable knit hat I plan to make my Dad’s partner in time for the winter holidays.  I’m using the Nude Ewe Ron yarn I received in the Blog Hub Swap.  This is all part of my Holiday Stashdown Challenge.

The yarn is a lot softer than I thought it would be, and I love the natural color.

I used three different stitch patterns on the swatch.  The first stitch at the bottom, from 400 Knitting Stitches, is a definite no – it doesn’t work for this project in this yarn. The middle stitch is one of my favorites from The Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting. For this project, it is a maybe. So is the top stitch, which is from Cables Untangled. I like the look, but it is a bit more involved that I’d like for a hat worked on circs.  I’m going to sleep on it before casting on.  Do you have a favorite?  (As for all of those yarn strands… I’m trying a new trick I picked up online.)

In book news, I’m about 17% through Halfway Human.  It’s starting to draw me in a little bit more, and I suspect I haven’t reached the heart of the story yet.

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