Crochet Pattern: Diagonal Bobbles Clutch

I love textured stitches like bobbles, popcorns, and bullions, and I enjoy designing with diagonal stitch patterns. The combination of bobbles, diagonals, and the mercerized cotton make this a striking clutch! This pattern was originally published on the Galler Yarns blog, but as it’s no longer available there, I decided to share it here. Enjoy! … Read more

Year of Projects 2: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

This post contains affiliate links. Like U2, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (in an afghan motif). I’ve done a lot of swatching this week and I’m not that much closer to choosing a pattern for the bedspread I want to make my mom for her milestone birthday. At first, I was thinking … Read more

Year of Projects, Year 2: Rerouting

(This post is part of my Year of Projects, Year 2 series.) This week, my goal was to try out some potential motif patterns for the bedspread I’m planning for my mom’s milestone birthday in February.  My sister’s bedspread took about 5 months to finish, and I’m assuming this one will be more complicated, so I … Read more

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5 Secrets for Improving Your Crochet Skills