Year of Projects 2: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

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Like U2, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (in an afghan motif).

I’ve done a lot of swatching this week and I’m not that much closer to choosing a pattern for the bedspread I want to make my mom for her milestone birthday.

At first, I was thinking that a hexagon motif was the way to go.  This is motif 14 from Lace Crochet Best Pattern 238.  It was very hot, so I was crocheting with Parisian Cotton.

Then the weather broke (from 100s to 80s/90s) and I decided to combine my swatching for this blanket with my goal of making 52 granny squares using different patterns.  So I picked out a bunch of square patterns to try.

This is my version of Dream Catcher, by Sherry Welch in Caron Simply Soft scraps.  I don’t think it is quite right for my mom’s bedspread, but I enjoyed making it.

This is my version of Locutus by Penny Davidson.  I started with a really ancient ball of white yarn from my stash that used to belong to my grandmother.  When it ran out, I moved on to some Caron Simply Soft in Buff for the edges.  I had some trouble with the pattern for the fourth round but I actually think this motif (the center of it) is in the running for my mom’s bedspread.

My next square was Crown Jewels by Melinda Miller.  This one is made with two colors of Red Heart Super Saver.  This one is also in the running, but I’m not sure how much my mom likes bobbles.

Then a friendly crocheter on Crochetlist heard of my quest for the perfect motif and pointed me towards the Renaissance Beauty by Carol Alexander.  Although this is available as a free pattern, I actually have it in one of my favorite books in my collection in 100 Afghans to Knit & Crochet.  This motif is much more beautiful than the pictures (of the blanket draped over a person or a chair) would lead you to believe.  My version of this motif probably my top choice right now, especially since it looks so good in a Lion Brand Baby’s First.  The idea of using a bulky yarn for this bedspread is very appealing – not only will it work up much faster, but I think the heavier yarn adds a modern look to a classic motif.

One of the hardest things about this search is that many of the best granny patterns are made with multiple colors.  It is really hard to envision them in one solid color, which is what I have planned for this bedspread.  My version of the Waterlily from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans by Jan Eaton is an example.  It looks sort of dull and lifeless without the color changes.

The Venetian Star from Margaret Hubert’s The Granny Square Book is another motif that I’m strongly considering.  My version is a few rounds shorter since I ran out of yarn, but I like the look anyway.

I tried two other Jan Eaton blocks, which I think are successful in one color, but not quite what I’m looking for in this bedspread.  This is my version of the Peach Rose

…and this is my version of the Gothic Square.  Both were made with an old skein of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease that has been in my stash since around 2007.

If nothing else, I’ve made progress in stash busting.  I finished off three partial skeins and one full skein of yarn.  And, I’ve finished 8 more squares towards my YOP goal of 52.

A few questions: Do you have any favorite motif patterns that work well in a solid color?  And what do you think of the bulky yarn idea?

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