Year of Projects, Year 2: Hanging in there

I’ve somehow made it through two marathon weeks at work (10-12 hour days, working on the weekends, etc.), but crochet and knitting (and blog reading) have been on the back burner.  Yesterday, I opened my Google Reader to find over 1,000 unread posts (!) and while I did get around to reading almost every YOP post for the past two weeks, I definitely didn’t comment as often as I usually do.  I’m hoping things will slow down, at least slightly, in this coming week so that I can start up a new YOP project from my list.

I did have a chance to finish my infinity scarf variation of the Bruges lace design I created a few weeks ago.

MC wasn’t available to help out with photography this morning, so I went the self-portrait route.

In the picture, it’s wrapped around three times.  I could have made it longer (I only used 60% of the skein), but I really liked this length.  It’s interesting to see the two Bruges lace scarves together because the yarn weight and colors are so different.  (D’oh!  I probably should have taken a picture of them so you could see, too!)

This is how it looks folded in quarters.

I plan to make a variation of this pattern for most of the ladies in my dad’s family as part of my Holiday Stashdown Challenge.  That will also give me several samples to photograph when I release the pattern.

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