FO Friday: Pineapples for Everyone Shawl and upcoming CAL!

I’ve been keeping today’s finished object secret since September, so I’m really excited to finally share it.  It’s a pineapple shawl I crocheted for the Spring, 2013 issue of Crochetvolution.

I crocheted this shawl with Inca Eco, a super soft, organic cotton yarn.  It’s a worsted weight, thick and thin yarn.

I picked this yarn for a few reasons.  The combination of the yarn thickness and the cotton fiber makes the shawl a little heavier, so it’s great for transitional weather without being very long.  (As a, shall we say, vertically challenged person, I don’t really like very long scarves or shawls.)

The yarn thickness also means you can make it relatively quickly, which I like.  And although cotton tends to be heavier per yard than many other yarns, it’s really breathable, so that’s another reason I really love this yarn for a transitional weather shawl.

These pictures were actually taken on an unusually cold and somewhat windy day in September. I convinced MC to be my photographer in Riverside Park.

I know from being a crochet teacher that a lot of people struggle with pineapples.  I chose a thick and thin yarn because it is really forgiving.  You can always cover up your mistakes by saying it was a yarn irregularity :).

Although this picture has the least shawl detail, it’s my favorite one!

You can check out the free Pineapples for Everyone pattern here.  The pattern is really customizable and can be made with a lot of different yarn weights and to different lengths.

I’ll be hosting a CAL starting on February 15 for this shawl (more details here), and the nice folks at Galler Yarns will be sponsoring some prizes for a giveaway for participants!

I hope you’ll consider joining in and will spread the word.

For more finished objects, visit Tami’s Amis.

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