Surmount the Stash – January Review

I completed some major (mostly top secret) crochet and knit projects in January, and even used up over 4,500 yards of yarn.

Unfortunately, none of it was stash yarn.  Some of you that design for publication may know about yarn support.  This is the yarn that a designer is sent for free in order to crochet or knit a sample.  Back in December, my buddies in the Surmount the Stash group on Ravelry helped me to realize that unused yarn support does eventually become part of my stash.  (I know it’s obvious, but I was secretly hoping to just avoid its existence forever!)  I ended up adding about 1,620 yards of unused yarn support into my stash.

And then, there was Vogue Knitting Live…

My yarn haul from Vogue Knitting Live.
My yarn haul from Vogue Knitting Live.

So I ended the month with about 1,800 more yards officially in my stash than I started with, but I also actually moved out a lot of yarn.  I’m back down to 4.5 plastic tubs instead of 5 overstuffed plastic tubs.

My goal for February is to use up stash yarn and free up more space in my yarn bins.  I’m hoping to get some charity projects done and really work through my acrylic yarns, which now fill the smallest (half-sized) yarn bin that I have.  Not very tangible, I know, but for February I’ll need to take stashbusting one day at a time!

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