Blog and website relaunch!

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I’m so glad to announce the relaunch of my blog and the Underground Crafter website! As my regular readers know, I’ve been experience technical issues on the blog for the last 18 months due to issues with my former web host. I knew I needed to switch, but it was tough to put aside the amount of time required to ensure a successful relaunch and I was terrified of the switching process.

Thanks to the hard work of dear MC – and many phone calls and chats with the team at InMotion Hosting (special shout out to Mike R, Larry W, Kayla H, Alex K, and Jacob M), I made the transition late last week. I am so impressed with the folks at InMotion and their fabulous customer service that I even became an affiliate! (Cue MC saying, “I told you so.”)

My former web host gave me a hard time about leaving and had set up many things improperly, so I needed to spend several days cleaning up the blog on the back end. I have to thank Carlota Zimmerman, the Creativity Yenta (interviewed here), for her tough love last week when I was very frustrated and even considering web site abandonment! I decided to change my perspective by looking at the downtime as an opportunity to do some much needed website overhaul.

I know I’ve posted a link to this video on the blog before. I guess “Back in the New York Groove” is the song I most associate with triumphant returns ;).

You’ll notice a few new things around here. Thanks so much for your patience and support, and I’m very excited to be back! And, starting tomorrow I’m celebrating my return with a week filled with new free patterns and giveaways, so stop back for your chance to win.

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