Feeling Sparkly

Early this year, the nice folks at Cascade Yarns sent me a delightful box of goodies.

Cascade Yarns on Underground CrafterCascade is one of the monthly giveaway sponsors of my 2014 Sampler Mystery Knit-a-Long, and they included a sampling of some new colors in the box along with their prize.

I ended up using Cherub Aran Sparkle in Crimson and White for my 12 Days of Gift Card Cozies pattern, which was just published in the December, 2014 issue of I Like Crochet digital magazine.

12 Days of Gift Card Cozies pattern on Underground Crafter
12 Days of Gift Card Cozies. Image (c) ILikeCrochet.com.

I felt the need for some sparkle a few days ago, perhaps because the days are getting shorter.

Cascade Cherub Aran Sparkle on Underground Crafter

I think this skein of Coral is destined to become a cowl. I may even include some of the White that I have leftover from the cozies.

Cascade Cherub Aran Sparkle on Underground Crafter

I’ve been swatching, but I haven’t settled on the final stitch pattern yet. I’m sure it’s destined for greatness, and it’s definitely keeping me smiling until then!



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