Guest Post: Anna Lisa Brown from Make Mights Wave

Anna Lisa Brown from Make Mights Wave, Guest Post on Underground Crafter

Today, I’m sharing a great guest post from Anna Lisa Brown at Make Mights Wave. When I was getting ready for this year’s (Inter)National Crochet Month celebrations, I knew I wanted to include a few posts about crochet styling, so I reached out to two fashion and design bloggers. Anna’s post is the second one I’m sharing.

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Anna is a self-described ” textile designer, pattern nerd, and a calico enthusiast.” She blogs at Make Mights Wave and can be found online at Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. All images are copyright Anna Lisa Brown and are used with permission. All crocheted designs are handmade by Melissa from Sew What Scarves on Etsy.

Guest Post: Wearing Your Handmade Items

Hello! I’m Anna Brown and today I’m here to talk about wearing handmade items. Let me be up front with you and admit that I am not a crocheter. I’m am a designer and feel much more comfortable in front of a sewing machine than with a hook or knitting needles in my hand. For this post my friend Melissa from Sew What Scarves helped me by crocheting these beautiful infinity scarves.

Anna Lisa Brown wearing a crocheted infinity scarf by Sew What Scarves on Etsy.
Anna Lisa Brown wearing a crocheted infinity scarf by Sew What Scarves on Etsy.

I know from making my own clothing that wearing a handmade item out can be unsettling at times. I am aware of every mess-up, every loose thread, every unaligned stitch on the piece and I convince myself that everyone around me can see them too. Even though I know I spent hours on this project my mind tells me my co-workers think I’m wearing a pillowcase with arm holes cut out. In reality, that is not the case. Think about it. How often to you scrutinize what the people around you are wearing? Unless you have a conversation lasting longer than five minutes do you even remember what most people wear everyday? Now I’m not trying to say your handmade garments and accessories won’t get noticed. They will, but all the imperfections you see will not.

Now, let me be up front again and say I am in no way a fashion expert, but here are three tips that help me feel more sure of myself when wearing handmade apparel out and about.

Anna Lisa Brown wearing a crocheted infinity scarf by Sew What Scarves on Etsy.
Anna Lisa Brown wearing a crocheted infinity scarf by Sew What Scarves on Etsy.

1. Be confident.

I know, easier said than done.

When I’m wearing a handmade item out for the first time I try to channel, what I like to call, my “inner mom.” Moms are the greatest. In my experience, moms are always proud of what their children accomplish, no matter what. Whether it’s loosing your first tooth, creating lumpy clay coffee mug in grade school, or decorating a ragged hoodie with puffy paint to express your teenage angst, moms are always there to hug, smile, say “good job” and brag when applicable.

You have every right to be proud of what you made. You’ve put time, effort and probably money into creating something out of nothing. Celebrate that! You don’t have to throw a party or yell it in the streets but you’ve got to do something … like … show it off, wear it out! You made this thing. The fact that you’re contemplating whether you should wear it out in public or not means you’re at least a little bit proud of it, right? So go for it! I would bet the majority of people you encounter face to face on a daily basis can’t say, “I made this.” You can! Why not be proud of that? Your time, skill and determination are worth celebrating no matter how grand or minuscule.

Celebrate National Craft Month

2. Don’t point out imperfections.

No one is perfect, and that’s ok. As I mentioned above, people are rarely as aware of everything on your person as you are. Not because they are unobservant, but because they are more worried about themselves. There’s no need to point out that tiny, unavoidable mistake. Most people won’t notice it unless you point it out. Instead, revel in the learning process and discuss your mishaps or new discoveries with other creators in your field.

Anna Lisa Brown wearing a crocheted infinity scarf by Sew What Scarves on Etsy.
Anna Lisa Brown wearing a crocheted infinity scarf by Sew What Scarves on Etsy.

3. Be comfortable.

This is so important! Make sure whatever creation you’re showing off fits you properly and makes you comfortable. There are definitely positives to stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things but there is a time and a place for everything. If you usually wear jeans and t-shirts, don’t force yourself to wear that awesome tight dress out on your daily errands. Schedule a date night with your significant other or best friend instead. If you know you’re going to a building that is usually warmer than you like, don’t suffocate yourself with that fabulous new scarf the whole time. (I am so guilty of this!) If you’re trying a new style make sure to pair the new accessory or garment with items you know you’re comfortable in. When you’re looking to crochet a new sweater choose a style and color that you know will look good with your favorite dress or pair of jeans. If you’re comfortable in the rest of your ensemble it makes it easier to create a familiar bond with your new attire. You can’t be confident if you’re not comfortable!

So there are my tips for wearing handmade accessories and garments in public. Thank you to Marie for letting me share my thoughts with you!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your tips with us, Anna!

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