Announcing a CAL adventure! Mystery Scarf Blog Hop CAL/Design Improv Workshop 2

Last October, Pia Thadani, the crochet designer/blogger at Stitches ‘n’ Scraps, hosted a Design Improv Workshop where a group of crochet designer friends created an impromptu pattern together. (You can check out the free crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern here.)

I missed out on that event, but I’m joining in on the Design Improv Workshop 2, which will be even more fun! Starting on April 1, 2015, I’ll be part of a group of crochet bloggers/designers who will be creating another joint pattern as a mystery crochet-a-long/blog hop! I’d love it if you could join in!

Mystery Scarf Blog Hop CAL April 2015 Design Improv Workshop 2

This will be a bit different than the typical CAL. First of all, it will be a mystery to everyone – even the designers! We do know that the finished project will be a scarf (though you could also you join it together to make a cowl or infinity/circle scarf).

We also know that each row will be 40 stitches across (not including turning chains).

We are not specifying a recommended gauge, yarn weight, hook size, color, or number of pattern repeats, and each of the designers will be choosing their own yarn, hook, and gauge without consulting the rest of us. This should allow you to see many variations during the design process.

In Pia’s words,

This means that you get to add your twist to the design too! Will you make it thick, bulky, and warm for next winter? Or will you make it light and airy for warmer weather? Will you change colors or do it all in one color? Long, or short? We can’t wait to see all the different results!

I do hope you’ll join in the fun with me! There will be plenty of ways to join in, share your pictures, and talk with other crocheters about your progress.

Here are some ways you can get in on the CAL!

  • Use hashtag #DIW2 on social media whenever you share a picture or talk about the CAL!
  • Add the pattern to your Ravelry queue or favorites.
  • Follow the Pinterest board to see all the great pictures people are sharing. (You can also ask for an invite if you’d like to Pin to it.)
  • You can join in the Design Improv Workshop Ravelry group or G+ community to chat with other crocheters! I’ll also have a dedicated chat thread for the CAL in the Underground Crafter group on Ravelry here.

Although I’m the third stop on the blog hop, I haven’t chosen my yarn yet (egads!). Naturally, I’m stash diving. Here are my options so far, and my thoughts on each.

Miss Babs Yowza--Whatta Skein in Violets in the Grass. I have about 470 yards remaining.
Miss Babs Yowza–Whatta Skein.

I used some of this Miss Babs Yowza–Whatta Skein in Violets in the Grass in my temperature scarf and just love it! It’s a worsted yarn but on the lighter side. Since I don’t know what the pattern will look like yet, I’m not sure how the multi-color yarn will work, though.

I actually have two other variegated yarns I’m considering. On the left, Noro Chirimen in colorway 8, is now discontinued and was a gift from a friend. I think the cotton/silk combination may be nice for the spring. And, on the right, Wisdom Yarns Poems in Autumn, was received in a swap. It is more of a self-striping yarn. The autumnal colors could inspire me to kick off my holiday crafting early.

In between these wildly multi-colored yarns and some of the solids I’m considering is a marled yarn I received in a swap, Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5 Ply. It’s listed as a sport weight yarn but it’s quite thin. I think it would make a great skinny summer scarf and there’s definitely enough yardage.

Bendigo Woolen Mills
Bendigo Woolen Mills

Of course, a solid yarn is likely to have better stitch definition, which may be important when working with multiple stitch patterns from different designers. So I looked in my stash to see what solid or semi-solid yarns were available where I *might* have enough yardage for a crocheted scarf of unknown size.

I love the color of this Araucania Ranco. The sock yarn could make this interesting. Another plus – it’s already wound!

Aruacania Ranco in 102.
Aruacania Ranco.

I also still have a little over two skeins each in two colors of Countrywide Opals (previously used in my Triptych Sampler Infinity Cowl). This is a sport weight yarn but it’s acrylic, so it probably won’t be very breathable for the warm months ahead.

Countrywide Opals yarn on Underground Crafter blog.
Countrywide Opals.

My final option is SHOKAY Shambala Yarn in Emerald. I have two skeins of this beautiful yak yarn. Probably cozy for the spring/summer, but likely to have great stitch definition.

SHOKAY Shambala.
SHOKAY Shambala.

I’d love to hear your opinion! Would you especially love to see one of these yarns in my sample (or should I just head to the yarn shop over the weekend)?

Back to the Design Improv Workshop! You can read more about it in Pia’s introductory post here.

I’m sharing the schedule below. I’m hoping you’ll join in starting April 1, 2015!

Join us for the Mystery Scarf Blog Hop CAL! Follow the schedule below.

April 1/Section 1: Stitches’N’Scraps by Pia Thadani @WhichCraft3

April 3/Section 2: American Crochet by Mistie Bush @CrochetAmerican +MistieBush

April 5/Section 3: Underground Crafter by Marie Segares (me!) @ucrafter +MarieSegares

April 7/Section 4: Busting Stitches by Stacey Williams @BustingStitches +StaceyWilliams

April 9/Section 5: The Crochet Lounge by “e” Lee @CrochetLounge +TheCrochetLounge

April 11/Section 6: Knot your Nana’s Crochet by Teri Heathcote @KYNC2010 +KnotYourNana’sCrochet

April 13/Section 7: Crochet Chiq by Mary Kathryn @CrochetChiq +CrochetChiq

April 15/Section 8: Crochet Memories by Cylinda Mathews @crochetmemories +CylindaMathews

April 17: TBD / Catch up day

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    Back to the Design Improv Workshop! You can read more about it in Pia’s introductory post here.


  2. I’m thinlkng I’ll try a lighter shade of Lion Brand Heartland, It is soft and drapey, medium weight but not too thick or heavy, Maybe in denali, a pinkish shade, to go with my charcoal winter coat..


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