Knitting Pattern: Easy Cranberry Shawl

It’s no secret I love cables, and triangular shawls come in at a close second. The Easy Cranberry Shawl is a great project for the knit shawl novice.

Easy Cranberry Shawl, free #knitting pattern by Marie Segares/Underground Crafter

This post contains affiliate links. Yarn for this sample was generously provided by Red Barn Yarn.

The pattern was originally published in Love of Knitting‘s Winter, 2013 issue. I used Red Barn Yarn Worsted for the sample.

Easy Cranberry Shawl, free #knitting pattern by Marie Segares/Underground Crafter

If you haven’t been introduced to this yarn yet, it’s a striking hand dyed yarn. The beautiful subtleties of color aren’t visible in my photos, but trust me, this is some beautiful stuff to play with.

This pattern includes a lot of garter stitch, along with some plaited (braided cables) up the center spine.

Easy Cranberry Shawl free knitting pattern by Marie Segares 2

This keeps things a little bit interesting without making it too difficult for a newbie shawl knitter (or a little mindless tv knitting). Although it is rated as intermediate, a patient (or adventurous) beginner can definitely tackle it.

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Underground Crafter on Ravelry

Easy Cranberry Shawl

Knitting Pattern by Underground Crafter

US terms
4-medium 50

This mostly garter stitch shawl features mirrored cables.

Finished Size

  • Adult: 51” (129.5 cm) wingspan x 27” (68.5 cm) spine before blocking.


  • Red Barn Yarn Worsted (85% wool/15% mohair, 4 oz/113 g, 190 yd/174 m) – 3 skeins in Precious Rubies, or approximately 570 yd (521 m) in any medium weight yarn.
  • US Size 10.5/6.5 mm 36” (91 cm) knitting needles, or any size needed to obtain gauge.
  • Yarn needle.
  • Cable needle.
  • 2 stitch markers.


  • 12 sts x 25 rows = 4” (10 cm) in garter stitch. Exact gauge is not critical for this project.
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Abbreviations Used in This Pattern

  • BO – bind off
  • C4B – 4-stitch right leaning – Sl 2 sts to cable needle, hold at back, k2, k2 from cn.
  • C4F – 4-stitch left leaning cable – Sl 2 sts to cable needle, hold at front, k2, k2 from cn.
  • CO – cast on
  • k – knit
  • kfb – knit in front & back (increase)
  • p – purl
  • rep – repeat
  • RS – right (front) side
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • yo – yarn over
  • * Rep instructions after asterisk as indicated.
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Pattern Notes

  • Pattern is knit flat in rows. Circular needles are used because of project size.
  • Slip stitch markers each row.
  • If using hand dyed yarn, alternate skeins of yarn every 2 rows to blend colors more smoothly.

Pattern Instructions

  • CO 2 sts.

Set Up Rows

  • Row 1: (RS) Kfb twice. (4 sts)
  • Row 2: K across.
  • Row 3: K1, yo, knit to last st, yo, k1. (Increase 2 sts)
  • Row 4: Rep Row 2.
  • Rows 5-12: Rep Rows 3 & 4, 4 times. (14 sts)
  • Row 13: K1, place marker 1, yo, knit to last st, yo, place marker 2, k1. (16 sts)
  • Row 14: Rep Row 2.

Begin cable pattern

  • Row 1: (RS) K1, yo, k to marker 1, (k6, p2, k6) between markers, k to last st, yo, k1. (Increase 2 sts)
  • Row 2: K to marker 1, (p6, k2, p6) between markers, k across.
  • Row 3: K1, yo k to marker 1, (k2, C4F, p2, C4B, k2) between markers, k to last st, yo, k1. (Increase 2 sts)
  • Row 4: Rep Row 2.
  • Rows 5-6: Rep Rows 1 & 2 once.
  • Row 7: K1, yo, k to marker 1, (C4B, k2, p2, k2, C4F) between markers, k to last st, yo, k1. (Increase 2 sts)
  • Row 8: Rep Row 2.
  • Rep Rows 1-8 until approximately shawl measures approximately 27” (68.5 cm) up the center, ending after Row 8.
  • Row 9: Rep Row 1.
  • BO in pattern for Row 2.


© 2013, 2015 by Marie Segares (Underground Crafter). This pattern is for personal use only. You may use the pattern to make unlimited items for yourself, for charity, or to give as gifts. You may sell items you personally make by hand from this pattern. Do not violate Marie’s copyright by distributing this pattern or the photos in any form, including but not limited to scanning, photocopying, emailing, or posting on a website or internet discussion group. If you want to share the pattern, point your friends to this link: Thanks for supporting indie designers!

26 thoughts on “Knitting Pattern: Easy Cranberry Shawl”

  1. I can’t make sense of the marker placements in this pattern. They should be where the center cables start and end, not at the edges of the shawl. Help.

    • Thanks for writing, Julie. The markers are in the center. As soon as you have enough stitches for the cable, you place the markers around them. Then, as you continue to increase on the outer edges, the markers stay in the same position – centered around the cable in the middle – while more stitches are added on the outer edges.

      • I guess what is confusing me is row 1 of cable pattern. It says knit to marker. When you K1 and yo, you are at the marker, so how do you knit to the marker?

  2. Really pretty pattern but for the life of me I can’t find where to download it either on Ravelry or here. I click on the link on Ravelry and it brings me back here – so WHERE on this page (except for the pay for pdf one) do I click on to download this pattern?????

  3. Lovely pattern! This will be my very first foray with making cables! Thank you very much for making this pattern free! I am on social security and just cannot afford to buy patterns -at least not very often.

  4. Love this pattern and will certainly add to my to my to do list. I am new to your site and enjoy very much. I have been following your work for some time. I am a 30 year crocheter and 6 month self taught knitter. Your knitted Sampler Pillow pattern on Stitch and Unwind was my very first knitted project.

  5. gustaría que me indicarán si hay alguna manera de poder traducir al español sus indicaciones de estos patrones maravillosos. Muchas gracias…??


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