Holiday Stashdown Challenge 2016 Sponsor Spotlight: Paper from Heaven

Announcing the Holiday Stashdown crochet-a-long 2016! #HolidayStashdownCAL2016In this post, I’m spotlighting the final prize sponsor for the February monthly giveaway for the Holiday Stashdown Crochet-a-Long. (If you’re just learning about the CAL now, you can find more details here.)

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Sponsor Spotlight: Paper From Heaven

Paper from Heaven is an Etsy shop where organization is all rolled up. Katie is the maker behind the shop, and one of her favorite quotes is by Marcus Aurelius: “The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.”

Paper from Heaven is a February crochet-a-long sponsor, and Katie took a moment to stop by for an interview so you can find out more about her shop! Photos are copyright Paper from Heaven and used with permission.

An interview with Katie from Paper from Heaven on EtsyUnderground Crafter (UC): How did you first get started with sewing? What other crafts do you enjoy?

Katie: I always had been around sewing. My mom was sewing before I was born. I didn’t think it was for me and I passed every opportunity I was given to learn from her before she moved away after I was married. I had quit my job less than a year before and was home with my 2 small children. I just needed an outlet, I needed something I could do for myself. I soon heard about Etsy and started selling online, which just fueled my hobby. After a few years it became time to decide to go back to work or make my hobby work for me.

Paper from Heaven on Etsy's mini crochet hook case
UC: What inspired you to start Paper From Heaven? Can you tell us about your Etsy shop?

Katie: I began this journey as Paper From Heaven sewing and creating fun organizing products for kids. It started with a love for the idea of crayon rolls for the kiddos, but I wanted to make them different and more versatile for different types of crayons. I came up with the design of a larger pocket to hold more crayons in Summer 2011, and the mini crayon roll followed in Fall 2011. I love the design and that it gives customers the ability to have their crayon needs grow with their kiddos!

ILC February 2016 BannersAs time moved on I began expanding my product line to other areas where creativity and organization needs to be more fun. As my business grew I began to enlist the help of my husband to handle some of the administrative tasks. Because of his commitment to PaperFromHeaven he was able to go back to school to work on his masters degree. So now we are here in North Carolina being creative and experiencing the East Coast life.

Paper from Heaven on Etsy's mini crochet hook case
UC: What is your favorite crafty book in your collection?

Katie: A is for Apron. I love the concepts and designs in that book, it’s just something that sparks my creativity and love for fun aprons!

UC: Do you have any crafty websites you visit regularly for community or inspiration?

Katie: Cliche enough, I follow Pinterest more than a particular site. I typically look at the picture and if easy enough I reproduce it without even going to the website. I rarely follow a pattern, I usually just wing it and figure it out myself. I usually have an idea and just figure out what works. I did that with all of the designs in my shop, either I had an idea or someone came to me with a concept and I just sat down and figured it all out on paper and made one. The Mini Crochet Hook Case concept came from a friend who wanted something to store her hooks in.

Paper from Heaven on Etsy's mini crochet hook caseUC: Tell us about the Paper From Heaven prize for the Holiday Stashdown CAL. What can one lucky winner expect to win from your shop?

Katie: You’ll receive a Mini Crochet Hook Case in any fabric I have available in my shop! (The ones listed, as well as any of the newer fabrics.)

By the way, Katie’s large cosmetic bags work great as crochet project bags!

Thank you, Paper from Heaven, for sponsoring the crochet-a-long.

Which Paper from Heaven product do you like the best?

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