Review: Udderly Smooth Hand Cream for Crafters

Review: Udderly Smooth Hand Cream for Crafters on Underground CrafterBack in April, I was re-introduced to Udderly Smooth at the Snap! conference. I first come across this brand of hand creams and lotions while visiting a yarn shop during a trip to the Philadelphia area in 2012.

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Though I did like using the original version of Udderly Smooth I came across several years back, I hadn’t seen it in local stores so it wasn’t a lotion that I was regularly using. Besides, in those days, I had more of a tendency to use strong smelling lotions because I don’t wear perfumes and I like to keep the lotion scent for most of the day.

But then these guys came into my life. (You can read more about how they joined our household here.)

The two cats, a few weeks after moving in with us.As cats who spent their early lives without many in-home comforts, they have strong adverse reactions to many scents that my previous cats were oblivious to. These guys hate scented lotions. Cappuccino will even furrow his little nose, move his head out of the way, or take evasive actions if I come anywhere near him for up to two hours after using most lotions.

So when I came across the Udderly Smooth booth at Snap!, I remembered how their hand creams didn’t rub off on my yarn and I wondered how these newer, scented versions would work out at home.

Review: Udderly Smooth Hand Cream for Crafters on Underground CrafterI stocked up on some goodies at the table and have been using these lotions regularly for the past few months.

Review: Udderly Smooth Hand Cream for Crafters on Underground CrafterSo, here’s my review of Udderly Smooth hand cream. First, while the new varieties (other than the “original” version) have a gentle scent, they don’t leave a residue and the odor fades quickly enough that I can put on some Udderly Smooth, get dressed, grab breakfast, and still give Cappuccino scruffles before leaving for the day. With other lotions, I’m limited to throwing him kissies from a few feet away. (I know, I am a crazy cat lady.)

For crafters, the lack of residue is particularly important. When I’m crocheting or knitting a lot, especially in the winter or (egads!) after washing dishes, my hands get really dry. I can use Udderly Smooth hand cream and pick up my hook a few minutes later without getting “gunk” all over my yarn.

There are a few other things about Udderly Smooth that make me support the brand, too. Redex Industries, the company behind Udderly Smooth, is family owned and operated in Ohio. They don’t do animal testing. Their products were originally developed for use on dairy cows (hence the name) and they also sell a product that is completely fragrance free for use in clinics and by patients receiving chemotherapy and other treatments. Beyond that, the lotion actually works! I’m not constantly reapplying it all day because my skin is cracked 5 minutes after using it. The Shea Butter hand cream is my favorite, but you’ll need to wait a few extra minutes before using yarn with that one. On my skin, the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E hand creams work very well, too. And, of course, if you want to do without the bells and whistles, you can go for the “original.”

I’ve even found that as some of the national drug store chains have moved into the area, it is locally available. If you’d like to try Udderly Smooth, you can find a list of stores that stock it here on the website.

Full disclosure: Free Udderly Smooth samples were provided by Redex Industries. Although I accept free products for review, I do not accept additional compensation, nor do I guarantee a positive review. My reviews are based entirely on my honest opinions.

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