Roundup: 7 Free Crochet Patterns by Cream of the Crop Crochet

On the weekends, I’m inviting some of my crochet, knitting, and crafty friends for a takeover of my Instagram account so they can share their talents with you. Since you can’t easily share links on Instagram, afterwards, I’ll share a roundup including links to all the patterns and projects featured in the takeover. So, are you ready for this week’s #undergroundcraftertakeover roundup?

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This weekend’s guest was crochet designer and blogger, Ashley, from Cream of the Crop Crochet. Ashley can also be found on Craftsy, Etsy, Facebook, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Ravelry, and Twitter. Ashley shared 7 free crochet patterns with us, and you can find more information below.

Roundup: 7 free crochet patterns by Cream of the Crop Crochet via Underground Crafter

From Ashley’s introduction: “Cream Of The Crop Crochet is founded by Ashley and the home of hundreds of crochet patterns. Over the years, COTCCrochet has been formed by it’s loyal followers (aka Crafters) and continues to be place thousands come to gather with their love for crochet each day. Now it’s time for us (her team) to step aside and let Ashley take over and do what she does best – hanging out with you guys!”

Roundup: 7 free crochet patterns by Cream of the Crop Crochet via Underground Crafter

  • Ashley says, “Hi Y’all! I’m Ashley – I can’t believe I have this amazing opportunity to hang out with you. I’m so psyched, not kidding – y’all are so incredible! A few weeks ago I released this pattern I love it, and so many others have shown it lots of love. I hope y’all love it just as much!” Get the free crochet pattern for the Shells Preemie Blanket here.
  • Ashley says, “I’m not sure about the little girls in your life, but when I was little I loved 18 inch dolls! They were definitely one of my favorite toys back then. So of course I have to continue playing with them in a new way as an adult! The 18 Inch Doll Rosetta Hat is probably one of my favorites so far.”
  • Ashley says, “I’m always so excited when you guys love one of my patterns, and one way I can see y’all love it, is from all the views and shares you give it. This pattern has definitely made it’s way through the loving crochet community and is still going strong. This unique pattern is called the Round Slouchy Hat for teen/adults, but can also be easily adjusted.”

Modern Baby Booties

  • Ashley says, “One of my first missions as a crochet designer was to make a bunch of preemie hats. So far I have made over 100 and continue to do so to this day. I can’t tell you how many more I’ll make, but I sure hope to make a bunch more! One of my favorite preemie hats is the Preemie/Newborn Monkey Hat. I’d love to know your favorite preemie pattern!”
  • Ashley says, “One of the most precious hats I have is the Preemie/Newborn Sleepy Owl Hat! Y’all love making it for baby showers, and I love seeing all of the adorable addition y’all make to create gift sets. Y’all never fail to surprise me, I think that is incredible!”
  • Ashley says, “I’m not sure about you but I love nature, and all of it’s perfectly imperfections. I’m also not sure what it is about this Preemie/Newborn Moose Hat, but it never fails to remind me of nature, and black and white plaid – which I love!”
  • Ashley says, “I couldn’t leave y’all without sharing another of my favorite patterns! Of course it another preemie pattern. This is the Preemie/Newborn Lion Hat, and probably one of the most adorable patterns I have designed so far! Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end. I hope y’all have had at least a fraction of the fun I have, if not just as much – and hope y’all come to visit me in the future!”

Thanks so much for visiting with us this weekend, Ashley. Follow @ucrafter and @creamofthecropcrochet on Instagram for more crochet inspiration!

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  1. Tx for the free baby patterns. My group, Lydia’s Workshop knits for several local hospitals and an inner-city ministry. We very much are thankful for free! G_d bless you.


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