9 Free Crochet Patterns by Same DiNamics Crochet

Roundup: 9 free crochet patterns by Dianne Hunt from Same DiNamics Crochet via Underground CrafterOn the weekends, I’m inviting some of my crochet, knitting, and crafty friends for a takeover of my Instagram account so they can share their talents with you. Since you can’t easily share links on Instagram, afterwards I’ll share a roundup including links to all the patterns and projects featured in the takeover. So, are you ready for this weekend’s #undergroundcraftertakeover roundup?

This weekend’s guest was crochet designer Dianne Hunt from Same DiNamics Crochet. Dianne can also be found on Facebook, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Ravelry, and Twitter.

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Dianne says, “Hi! My name is Dianne and I’m the owner of Same DiNamics Crochet. I re-discovered crocheting a few years ago and instantly fell in love with it! Once I was able to learn the stitches, my hook and yarn have glided effortlessly in my hands. And they haven’t stopped since! I enjoy creating pieces that are comfortable, stylish and complementing of your wardrobe.”

Roundup: 9 free crochet patterns by Dianne Hunt from Same DiNamics Crochet via Underground Crafter


  • Dianne says, “This Candy Stripes Cowl is such a fun cowl to make. I love how the colors trick the eye making this piece look like stripes in colorful candy. The use of stitches makes this piece a simple yet complex looking piece.” Get the free crochet pattern for the Candy Stripes Cowl here
  • Dianne says, “This Winter Lilac Cowl is a tall cowl that when worn will gather at your neck keeping you warm and comfortable.” Get the free crochet pattern for the Winter Lilac Cowl here.
  • Dianne says, “This Simple, Men’s Beanie was designed for charity crocheting. It works up quickly and is simple to work. It features a mock surface crochet just by the placement of the stitch.” Get the free crochet pattern for the Simple, Men’s Beanie here.
  • Dianne says, “This Eccentric Geo Scarf features ‘corners’ that give scarf its unique shape. It also has jagged edges giving it the scarf an interesting design.” Get the free crochet pattern for the Eccentric Geo Scarf here.
  • Dianne says, “This Petite Shells Buttoned Cowl features soft texture that will catch the eye making it gorgeous and appealing.” Get the free crochet pattern for the Petite Shells Buttoned Cowl here.
  • Dianne says, “The St. Croix Beach Wrap and color is inspired by the beaches of the tiny yet beautiful island of St. Croix. This wrap, though inspired by the sea, is not just to be worn at the beach. You can wear it lakeside, poolside or even while walking the boardwalk on any given day.” Get the free crochet pattern for the St. Croix Beach Wrap on Cre8tion Crochet, where Dianne is a guest contributor.

Thanks so much for visiting with us this weekend, Dianne. Follow @ucrafter and @samedinamics on Instagram for more crochet inspiration!

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