Sneak Peak: #HookedOnYarn2018 for (Inter)National Crochet Month

#HookedOnYarn2018 - Celebrate (Inter)National Crochet Month on Instagram with Underground Crafter, StitchesNScraps, and Marly Bird!I’m so excited to share a sneak peak of the upcoming #HookedOnYarn2018 Instagram Challenge I’m hosting with Pia from StitchesNScraps and Marly from Marly Bird. We’d love it if you would join in with us!

What is the #HookedOnYarn2018 Instagram Challenge?

Every day in March, 2018, we’ll be celebrating (Inter)National Crochet Month with a crochet prompt for Instagram. You can see all 31 prompts in the image above if you want to get a head start.

How Can I Join In?

To join in, share a picture on Instagram that was inspired by the prompt for that day using the hashtag #HookedOnYarn2018. So, for example, share an “Introductions (selfie time!)” picture on March 1 and a “Why I crochet” picture on March 2. This is a fun challenge, so please don’t stress too much about which pictures are perfect (I know mine aren’t!). Also, remember that you can always write in a note on Instagram to share how your picture relates to the prompt. You can participate for one day, a few days, or every day in the month.

It would be awesome if you could follow me, Pia, and Marly on Instagram, too. You can also follow the #HookedOnYarn2018 hashtag here to keep up with all the pictures everyone is posting.

What If I’m Not on Instagram?

I was a late joiner, too, but I’m glad I finally got started on Instagram. It’s fun and I’d love to see you there! But if Instagram’s not for you for whatever reason, you can still join along on your blog or social media platform of choice.


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