Crochet Lip Balm Holder: This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy is a combination crochet lip balm holder and an adorable critter wrapped into one. The tiny pocket could also be used to store another goody instead of lip balm. With Easter on the way, This Little Piggy can be included in your scavenger hunt or to gifted with lip balm or another token item.

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at no added cost to you) if you make a purchase using these links. I’m a King Cole Brand Ambassador and this post is part of our ongoing collaboration. Additional materials for the sample were generously provided by Fairfield World, Mixbook, and TulipB&H Photo Video Pro Audio generously provided the camera used for outdoor photography.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may know that earlier this year, I became a King Cole Ambassador. If you’re not familiar with King Cole, they are a UK-based, family-owned yarn company that has been around since 1935. They have a wide range of yarns including a super soft fur yarn called Truffle.

Recently, I’ve been having a moment with fur yarns. There is something wonderful about the softness in these unusual times. It’s like the yarn version of comfort food. I like King Cole Truffle the best because the solid core strand that runs through the fur is a bit thicker than other fur yarns, and therefore, it’s much easier to crochet with.

This Little Piggy is small enough to hold in your hand…

…and yet the little pouch on the back can hold a lip balm or other trinket gift.

I took my This Little Piggy Lip Balm Holder on a short walk around my neighborhood the other day as part of my solitary exercise routine.

A word on the eyes: I used 6 mm black safety eyes, and I think the look is very cute. You could get an entirely different look by using larger eyes. I usually use 12 mm or 15 mm when I want the eyes to take center stage on an amigurumi or rag doll crochet project.

The Curlicue Tail is my favorite detail. It’s just so cute!

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This Little Piggy

Crochet Lip Balm Holder Pattern by Underground Crafter

This adorable rag doll style amigurumi character has a pocket in the back for lip balm or other goodies.

Finished Size

  • Approximately 4” (10 cm) diameter before stuffing.



  • Through Rnd 8 in Back pattern = 4” (10 cm). Exact gauge is not required for this pattern. Stitches should be small so that fiber filling doesn’t show.

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern

  • ch – chain
  • hdc – half double crochet                                                               
  • rep – repeat
  • Rnd(s) – Round(s)
  • sc – single crochet
  • sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches together (decrease) – [Insert hook in next st, yo and draw up a loop] twice, yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Whistle and Ivy has a helpful video tutorial for this stitch here.
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • yo – yarn over
  • *Repeat instructions after asterisk as indicated.
  • [] Repeat instructions between brackets as indicated.

Pattern Notes

Pattern Instructions


  • Ch 7.
  • Row 1: Turn, skip 1 ch, sc in next 6 ch. (6 sts)
  • Row 2: Turn, ch 1, 2 sc in first st, sc in each st across to last st, 2 sc in last st. (8 sts)
  • Row 3: Rep Row 2. (10 sts)
  • Row 4: Turn, ch 1, sc in first st and in each st across.
  • Rep Row 4 until Pouch measures approximately 2.5” (6.5 cm) long. Fasten off with long yarn tail (approximately 12”/30.5 cm) for seaming.

Curlicue Tail

  • Ch 10.
  • Row 1: Turn, skip 1 ch, 3 hdc in next ch and in each ch across. (27 sts)
  • Fasten off with long yarn tail (approximately 12”/30.5 cm) for seaming.


  • Start with magic adjustable ring (see Pattern Notes).
  • Rnd 1: (Right Side) Ch 1, 6 sc in ring, place marker in last st to mark position, tighten ring to close. (6 sts)
  • Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around. (12 sts)
  • Rnd 3: *2 sc in next st, sc in next st; rep from * around. (18 sts)
  • Rnd 4: *2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts; rep from * around. (24 sts)
  • Rnd 5: *2 sc in next st, sc in next 3 sts; rep from * around. (30 sts)
  • Rnd 6: *2 sc in next st, sc in next 4 sts; rep from * around. (36 sts)
  • Rnd 7: *2 sc in next st, sc in next 5 sts; rep from * around. (42 sts)
  • Rnd 8: *2 sc in next st, sc in next 6 sts; rep from * around. (48 sts)
  • Fasten off.

Front (including Snout)

  • Starting with magic adjustable ring, work through Rnd 3 as for Back.
  • Rnd 4: Sc in each st around.
  • Rnds 5-6: Rep Rnd 4 twice.
  • Rnds 7-11: Rep Back Rnds 4-8, do not fasten off, begin working flat in rows to form Ears.

Form First Ear

  • Row 1: Sc in next 5 sts, skip remaining 37 sts. (5 sts)
  • Row 2: Turn, ch 1, sc2tog in first 2 sts, sc in next 3 sts. (4 sts)
  • Row 3: Turn, ch 1, sc2tog in first 2 sts, sc in next 2 sts. (3 sts)
  • Row 4: Turn, ch 1, sc2tog in first 2 sts, sc in next st. (2 sts)
  • Row 5: Turn, ch 1, sc2tog in first 2 sts. Fasten off. (1 st)

Form Second Ear

  • Row 1: With right side facing, skip next 5 sts after First Ear on Rnd 11, join with sl st to next st, ch 1, sc in same st and in next 4 sts. (5 sts)
  • Rows 2-5: Rep First Ear Rows 2-5.Fasten off.

Assemble Face

  • Position first safety eye on right side of Front above Snout. When satisfied with position, attach firmly by securing washer on back. Repeat with second safety eye.
  • Stuff Snout with fiber fill.
  • Shape Snout as follows.
    • With wrong side of Front piece facing up, thread yarn needle with a piece of yarn approximately 12” (30.5 cm) long.
    • Starting at edge of Snout and leaving approximately 5” (13 cm) of yarn tail to weave in, insert yarn needle from back to front, skip a stitch, then insert yarn needle from front to back.
  • Continue working around circle of Snout, alternating from back to front and then from front to back.
    • When both pieces of yarn are at starting point, remove yarn needle. With one hand, hold fiber fill inside Snout. With other hand, gently pull both strands of yarn to cinch the Snout tightly. (It will not close entirely, but enough to give it more shape.)
    • Tie a knot with the strands of yarn, then use yarn needle to weave in ends on inside.

Assemble Back

  • Position Curlicue Tail on Pouch towards bottom (narrow edge). With yarn needle and yarn tail, sew it onto the Pouch. Weave in ends on wrong side.
  • Position Pouch on Back near towards bottom. With yarn needle and yarn tail, sew 3 sides (shaped edges and narrow edge) to Back, leaving final row open. Weave in ends on wrong side.

Seam and Finish

  • Position Front over Back with wrong sides facing together and right side of Front facing up. Be sure to align so that Ears and Curlicue Tail are positioned correctly.
  • With crochet hook, join with a single crochet seam through both layers (see Pattern Notes), leaving about 2” (5 cm) open. Stuff firmly with fiber filling.
  • Continue to seam closed. Join with sl st to first single crochet. Fasten off.
  • With yarn needle, weave in ends.
© 2020 by Marie Segares (Underground Crafter). This pattern is for personal use only. You may use the pattern to make unlimited items for yourself, for charity, or to give as gifts. You may sell items you personally make by hand from this pattern. Do not violate Marie’s copyright by distributing this pattern or the photos in any form, including but not limited to scanning, photocopying, emailing, or posting on a website or internet discussion group. If you want to share the pattern, point your friends to this link: Thanks for supporting indie designers!

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