Handmade for the Holidays Pattern Bundle 2020

I’m so excited to be part of the Handmade for the Holidays Pattern Bundle for the second year in a row. If you’re always vowing to start your holiday crocheting earlier so that you don’t end up gifting “I.O.U.s” instead of crochet projects, you’ll love this collection of patterns for handmade holiday projects. UPDATED: You missed your chance, this bundle has now ended.

2020 has been a challenging year for many, and my yarn and hook have helped me get through the challenges of this spring and summer. Sharing handmade gifts is my way of sharing a hug, especially when I can’t see someone in person. If you’ve ever gotten a thoughtful handmade gift, you know just what I’m talking about. You can just feel the love coming through in every stitch! 

I know I’m not alone in thinking about making more handmade gifts than usual this year. I’ve teamed up with 22 crochet designers to bring you the Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Pattern Bundle! It’s packed with 43 patterns so you can get started on your handmade holiday adventure and crochet all the things for the holidays: holiday stockings, coasters, tree skirts, table runners, and blankets to decorate your home; and trendy hats, gloves, and scarves and adorable amigurumi and kids projects to gift to your loved ones!

You can get ALL 43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns worth over $170.00 for over 85% off. But, we are only offering this pricing for this week only as a Christmas in July present to you!

But wait, there is more! (I love to say that!)

As an additional bonus and gift to you, many of my designer friends have included discount codes for their pattern shops in the bundle! So, you not only get 43 perfect patterns that normally retail for over $170, you also get discounts to grab more wonderful patterns from your favorite designers, or maybe someone new that you are just seeing as part of the bundle.  

So, jump over and buy your copy and get the free bonus today because it is only available through Friday, July 24, 2020. (We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is really no risk to you buying your copy today!)

And, because I love my blog readers, if you buy the Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Pattern Bundle using my link, I will gift you any 3 patterns or ebooks of your choice from my Ravelry shop. To claim this extra bonus, just email me at marie AT undergroundcrafter DOT com with your receipt and let me know which 3 patterns you’d like.

So, you not only get 43 wonderful handmade holiday patterns that normally retail for over $170, you also get discounts to grab more wonderful patterns from your favorite designers (or someone new that you are just meeting as part of the bundle), AND 3 patterns or ebooks from my shop. 

What Patterns Are in This Bundle? 

Some of my favorite crochet designers, including Underground Crafter contributors and CAL Central Crochet Along designers, have patterns in this bundle!

Here’s the full list of included patterns:

  1. Book Nook Throw by Ambassador Crochet
  2. Holiday Magic Christmas Tree Skirt by Ambassador Crochet
  3. Puff This Way Beanie by Bliss This
  4. Puff This Way Cowl by Bliss This
  5. Puff This Way Wrist Warmer by Bliss This
  6. Dead of Winter Wrap by By Stephanie Erin
  7. Lemon Peel Mobius Scarf by Creations by Courtney
  8. Wrapped in Kisses Blanket by Creations by Courtney
  9. Floppy Reindeer Amigurumi by Hooked by Kati
  10. Holiday Llama Chalk Bag by Hook Yarn Carabiner
  11. Snowcapped Mountain Bookend by Hook Yarn Carabiner
  12. Faux Brioche Scarf by Jessie At Home
  13. Green Gradient Cowl by Jessie At Home
  14. Star Trivet Centerpiece by Jessie At Home
  15. Fireside Mittens by Knitting with Chopsticks
  16. Holiday Candle Amigurumi by Knot Bad Ami
  17. Mini Angel Amigurumi by Loops and Love
  18. Balsam Scarf by Made With a Twist
  19. Snowman Tree Skirt by Maria’s Blue Crayon
  20. The Semper Cowl by Meghan Makes Do
  21. Holiday Joy by Moogly
  22. Trinity Stitch Cowl by Ned and Mimi
  23. Trinity Stitch Hat by Ned and Mimi
  24. Ferns Beanie by Nomad Stitches
  25. Winter Mountain Mittens by Nomad Stitches
  26. Fall Ready Crossbody Bag by Noor’s Knits
  27. Tunisian Snowflakes Earwarmer by Noor’s Knits
  28. Christmas Present Coaster by Stitch In Progress
  29. Suit Style Scarf by Stitch In Progress
  30. Table Runner by Stitch In Progress
  31. Triple Trinity Headband by Stitch in Progress
  32. Triple Trinity Scarf by Stitch in Progress
  33. Joyeaux Christmas Stocking by Sweet Potato 3
  34. Ollie the Elf by The Blue Elephants
  35. Pascal Baby Blanket by The Blue Elephants
  36. Itty Bitty Love Me Kitty by Thoresby Cottage
  37. Mini Christmas Cat by Thoresby Cottage
  38. Rory Cowl by Two Brothers Blankets
  39. Rory Hat by Two Brothers Blankets
  40. Beanie with a Twist by Underground Crafter (that’s me!)
  41. Becoming Scarf by Underground Crafter
  42. Flattened Shell Hat by Underground Crafter
  43. Quick and Easy Shawl by Underground Crafter

So, jump over and buy your copy and get the free bonuses today because it is only available through this Friday, July 24, 2020.

I can’t wait to see all your handmade holiday projects this year!

Grab your copy at 85% off here, before it is gone! 

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