21 Pillows to Warm Your Home This Winter

Julie from OneLittleHook is back as a guest contributor on Underground Crafter! She is sharing a collection of cozy crochet and knit pillows to warm up your home this winter. Most of these patterns are free, though a few are premium patterns. Find your next project in this roundup!

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Julie from OneLittleHook is an avid crocheter and boy mom who loves following the beat of her own drum. She can often be found with a cup of coffee in her hand while playing Legos or hopping through neighborhood sprinklers with her two little troublemakers. Her crochet and Tunisian crochet designs feature simple stitch repeats to create beautiful texture and timeless designs. Julie is often amazed at what you can make with one little hook!

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21 Pillow Patterns to Warm Your Home This Winter

Roundup by OneLittleHook

Once used solely by the wealthy, at a time when fabric and dyes were expensive and not so easily produced, the pillow was a definite status symbol. Over time pillows grew in popularity and the industrial revolution helped to usher pillows into the homes of so many more people. Nowadays pillows are a staple home décor item. The varying styles available today allow you to style your sitting or family room, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever in whichever way you please!

Hi all, it’s me again, Julie from OneLittleHook, and I have the pleasure of guest posting this roundup of 21 Pillows to Warm Your Home This Winter. I’ve included 13 supreme crochet patterns and eight great knit patterns for your crafting enjoyment!  Because I wanted to include my favorite pillow patterns, and not leave any out on the basis that it was a paid-only pattern, you may come across a paid pattern or two in this post, but most are free. (There’s even a couple of free PDF downloads!)

13 Supreme Crochet Patterns

At center:

  • Hygge Diamond Pillow by Moogly: This design uses cable posts throughout to create a raised diamond pattern.

Clockwise around the center, from top left corner:

  • Luxe Faux Fur Cushion by All About Ami: This pillow features two luxe sides – a faux fur side and an alpine stitch side.  Fun Fact: The alpine stitch was created by my friend Jerica over at YarnHookNeedles.  She created a gorgeous textured blanket using a variation of the raised ripple stitch and named it the Alpine Blanket.  It became so popular that now the Alpine Stitch is known all over the crochet community.
  • Chunky Bobble Stitch Pillow Covers by Leelee Knits: These pillows use strategically placed bobbles that create a modern geometric pattern.
  • Simple Crochet Pillow Cover by Joy of Motion: This pattern features alternating textured rows.
  • C2C Alphabet Throw Pillows by Eye Love Knots: These pillows feature adorable X’s and O’s and would make perfect wedding gifts or bedroom decor for kids and adults.  Just mix up your color schemes and voila! 
  • Sliding Doors Throw Pillow by Two of Wands: This pattern is a perfect introduction to colorwork.
  • Charismatic Pillow by Divine Debris: This rectangular pillow features a cool bobble stitch in a contrasting color.
  • Cheers Pillow Cover by Briana K Designs: This pillow uses colorwork to create a script style “cheers”.  The perfect way for a yarnie to express good wishes!
  • Hayfields Pillow by OneLittleHook: This double-sided Tunisian crochet pillow features the Tunisian knit stitch on one side and the Tunisian straw stitch on the other side.
  • Winter Snow Scene by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts: Take your color work skills to the next level with this winter snow scene crochet pillow.
  • The Burst of Sunshine Pillow by This Pixie Creates: This pillow uses the modified bobble stitch which makes bigger, squishier bobbles!
  • My Favorite Pillow by Sincerely Pam: This pillow is fringetastic featuring a V-shaped fringe design akin to a western-style jacket!
  • Cascades Pillow by Cute as a Button Crochet & Craft: The Cascades Pillow uses the Fair Isle crochet technique.  This is another great pattern for makers who are new to crochet colorwork.

8 Great Knit Patterns

Top row, from left to right:

  • A Beautiful Journey Pillow by Brome Fields: This pillow features one large chunky cable down the middle.
  • Piper Wicker Pillow by Lakeside Loops: This pattern has a pretty and simple woven-like design.
  • Diagonal Sand Stitch Pillow by Underground Crafter: This meditative knit pillow features the sand stitch worked on the bias.
  • Denim Cables Floor Pillow by Hooked For Life Publishing: This colorblock style pillow uses cables to separate the different colors which create a neat color weave look.

Bottom row, from left to right:

  • Hygge Chic Knit Pillow by Briana K Designs: This gorgeous pillow features an infinite cable motif and is a free PDF download.
  • Shadow Magic by Frankie’s Knitted Stuff: This pillow uses mitered squares against a background of white and gray to create the illusion of 3D squares.
  • Slip Stitch Pillow by Edie Eckman: This pattern has a simple stitch repeat that creates a modern ribbed pillow.
  • Winter Pillow by Stana Sortor: This pillow uses 2 color stranded stockinette to create a classic geometric design and is a free PDF download.

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can easily refer back to it whenever you need a fantastic gift idea, some crochet project inspiration, or if you want to add some handmade pillow flair to your space!

Looking for more pattern inspiration? Check out this collection of 36+ handmade gift ideas for the home for more pillow ideas!

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