Interview with (mostly) crochet designer, Anastacia Zittel a.k.a. anastaciaknits

As we pass the midway point of National Crochet Month, I’m excited to share an interview with indie designer, Anastacia Zittel, today.  Anastacia is active online as a blogger and on Ravelry, and you may have come across her as anastaciaknits.  She’s primarily a crochet designer, so I thought it appropriate to interview her during … Read more

Secrets Revealed! Love of Crochet Weekend Crochet issue

I’m excited to share finally two secret projects I worked on last winter with you: the Rolling Waves Scarf and the Weekend in the Alps Hat.  Both were published in the 2013 Weekend Crochet Projects issue of Love of Crochet, which is now available. So let me tell you a bit about the two designs. … Read more

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