Crochet Pattern: An Unconventional Aviator

This asymmetrical earflap hat is an unconventional spin on an aviator hat. My original inspiration was an iconic image of pioneering aviatrix,¬†Amelia Earhart, used in Apple’s Think Different poster series. I love the mischievous look in her eyes! I borrowed the shape for An Unconventional Aviator from that design. This post contains affiliate links.¬†The yarn … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Pineapples for Everyone Shawl

I love crocheting the pineapple motif. During the holiday season, I like to make customized versions of the same design for several people on my gift list. It makes it easier for me to remember the pattern but I can also create something special and unique for everyone. This post contains affiliate links. Yarn for … Read more

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5 Secrets for Improving Your Crochet Skills