6 Ways to Restore Your Lost #Crojo | #Crochet #TipsTuesday

Have you ever lost your crojo? Crojo is a term many crocheters use to describe the combination of crochet skills and enthusiasm with mojo, an intangible, magic power that includes creative inspiration. Whether you always experience a little dip in your crochet enthusiasm as the weather gets warmer, or a difficult project is making crochet seem like a chore, … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Yarn Stash… Perhaps So You Can Get More! | #Crochet #TipsTuesday

As crocheters (and knitters), we’re always on the hunt for amazing yarns that inspire us. But let’s face it – most of us have far more yarn then we can actually use in our lifetime. You may have heard (or used) the acronym, SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) to describe this phenomenon. As a … Read more

#Crochet #TipsTuesday: 5 reasons to use locking stitch markers

For most of my crochet life, I didn’t use locking stitch markers. If a pattern called for a stitch marker, I used scrap yarn instead. Once I started knitting, more patterns called for stitch markers and scrap yarn was a bit harder to substitute. I decided to buy locking stitch markers, which could be used for both … Read more

Easy Fixes for a Foundation Chain with Too Few or Too Many Chains | #Crochet #TipsTuesday

When you’re crocheting a project with a long foundation chain – like a blanket or a scarf worked lengthwise – it can be so frustrating to discover (typically, at the end of the first row!) that you didn’t count your chains correctly. This post contains affiliate links. To prevent having to unravel my project or … Read more