#Crochet #TipsTuesday: How to add a project to Ravelry for an online crochet- or knit-a-long

How to add a project to Ravelry for an online #crochet (or #knit) along on #TipsTuesday with @ucrafter

We’re only one week into July and it’s already shaping up as the summer of the online crochet-a-long (CAL). I just started the Picnic Basket Shawl CAL last week, and there are several more fun crochet-a-longs in progress, including the Sea-Foam Mandala Pillow CAL on Crochet Memories, the Christmas Present CAL on ELK Studio, the Wildflower Shoulder Bag CAL on Little Monkeys Crochet, and the Amigurumi Timothy Turtle CAL on Rebeckah’s Treasures.

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If you’re new to the world of online crochet-a-longs (or knit-a-longs), you may have found that many of these are taking place on Ravelry. Today, I’m sharing tips for adding a project to Ravelry so you can share it as part of a CAL or KAL.

By the way, even if the CAL or KAL is taking place elsewhere online (or offline!), a Ravelry project page is a really great way to share your project’s progress!

Adding a project in Ravelry

If you’re new to Ravelry, you may not have used the projects feature before. First, let’s walk through how to add a project to Ravelry.

How to add a project to Ravelry for an online #crochet (or #knit) along on #TipsTuesday with @ucrafter
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1) When you login in, hover over “My Notebook” in the upper left corner.

2) Choose “Projects” from the drop down menu.

3) Click “Add Project.”

4) On the project page, give your new project a name.

5) Click the drop down menu under “which craft?” to select your craft of choice.

6) Choose the option that best describes the pattern source under “Where can people find the pattern…?”

7) Type in the name of the pattern and the source, if you know it.

8) Click “Continue.”

9) Review the options and click “Choose This Pattern” when you find the right one.

You’ve now added your first project to Ravelry! You’ll be returned to the project page.

Customizing your project page

How to customize a project to Ravelry for an online #crochet (or #knit) along on #TipsTuesday with @ucrafter
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10) You can choose to type in who/what/why the project is “Made for.” Some people type in the name of the CAL, while others will add in the recipient, or the purpose of the project.

11) You can link the project to another Ravelry member by typing in their name next to “Link to Raveler” and then selecting the right choice from the drop down menu.

12) Type in tags. If the CAL has it’s own tag (i.e., picnic2015 for the Picnic Basket Shawl CAL), include it here. This makes it easy for other participants to search through projects. Ravelry members can see all of the picnic2015 tagged projects here. Some CALs involve multiple patterns, so this is a great way to see what other participants are making.

13) Click the drop down menu next to Hook (for crochet projects) or Needle (for knitting projects) to select the size you are using for the project. This information can be helpful later if you want to make another version of the same pattern, or if you separate your hook from the project temporarily.

14) You can then choose your yarn. Tip: If the CAL/KAL is sponsored by a yarn company, they will often share pictures of projects made in their yarns, so don’t forget this step!

15) If you’ve already added the yarn to your stash on Ravelry, activate the drop down menu by clicking the small basket next to “Use Stash Yarn.” Then, click “Use” to select your yarn of choice.

16) Or, enter the yarn manually after clicking the + sign next to “Add Yarn.” Begin typing the name of the yarn and then click the link to the left to link to Ravelry’s yarn database.

17) Click on the underlined yarn of choice in the drop down menu, or, if it isn’t in the Ravelry database, click “None of the Above.”

18) Type in notes, if you’d like. (These, like all of the fields in your project, can be updated later.)

19) Click “Save Changes.”

You’ve now customized your project. You’ll be returned the project page and can start sharing it!

Share your project page and photos

How to share a Ravelry project page and photos from Ravelry for an online #crochet (or #knit) along on #TipsTuesday with @ucrafter
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There are just a few more steps to take to share your project and the pictures of it with the other CAL or KAL participants and the world!

20) On the upper right of your project page, click “Share This.”

21) In the small pop up window, click the underlined “Share This Page.”

22) Choose “Public – Visible to All” from the drop down menu.

23) Ravelry will give you a short link and several sharing options. This project will also be visible (along with any of your other public projects) at http://ravelry.com/projects/YOUR-USER-NAME.

24) Click on the underlined “Add Photos” tab.

25) Choose from any of the tabs to either upload a photo from your computer or link to a photo in your collection on Flickr, Photobucket, or Instagram. Choose “Slurp from Web” to use a picture posted to your blog or elsewhere online.

26) You can also share the project with any Ravelry group you are a member of by clicking “Share with a Group.” Each group has to be selected from the drop down menu. Start by sharing the project with the group hosting the CAL!

Now that you’ve completed and shared your project page, you can really be part of the CAL (or KAL) experience online!

Do you use Ravelry project pages to participate in crochet- or knit-a-longs?



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