Announcing the Picnic Basket Shawl Crochet-a-Long!

Picnic Basket Shawl, free #crochet pattern by Marie Segares in 4 parts with video #tutorial. Available at few weeks ago, I was chatting with members of the Underground Crafter Ravelry group about a summer crochet-a-long (CAL). Everyone agreed that the project should be both portable (for summer travel) and lacy (so it could be used right away).

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I found Malabrigo Sock in a beautiful colorway, Lotus, at my local yarn shop, Knitty City. I spent some time swatching and thinking about special techniques, like broomstick lace or hairpin lace, but I wasn’t convinced that carrying the extra equipment around would meet the portability requirement. It’s no secret that I love pineapples, and I eventually settled on this lovely stitch, which reminded me of a picnic basket.

Picnic Basket Shawl CAL with @ucrafter, free #crochet patternAnd this shawl definitely meets the portability requirement.

Picnic Basket Shawl CAL with @ucrafter, free #crochet pattern
Everything you need for the shawl fits into a project bag.

If you peek inside, you can see that the bag is only half full, even with 2 skeins of yarn, a scissor, the hook, my pattern notes (including several extra pages of revisions and handwritten notes), and my Chibi tapestry needles and case.

Picnic Basket Shawl CAL with @ucrafter, free #crochet pattern

The finished shawl will roll up small enough to fit easily into your picnic basket.

Picnic Basket Shawl CAL with @ucrafter, free #crochet pattern

The Picnic Basket Shawl pattern will be released free on the blog in 4 weekly clues during the CAL. (If you’re feeling impatient or want an easy-print format, you can opt to buy a PDF version of the pattern on Craftsy!)

Underground Crafter on Craftsy


I’ve shared a schedule below, but of course you can crochet at your own pace, and you can make your shawl larger or smaller.  To be entered in the giveaway, you must share a picture of your completed shawl by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, August 31, 2015.  More details about prizes will be available in after all the clues are released.

Picnic Basket Shawl CAL 2015 Schedule

Wednesday, July 1: Gather your materials!

  • You can find the full materials list here on the Ravelry pattern page. Don’t forget to add the Picnic Basket Shawl to your favorites!

Underground Crafter on Ravelry

Circular Ponchos
Monday, July 6: Rows 1-3

Monday, July 13: Rows 4-6

Monday, July 20: Rows 7-9

Monday, July 27: Final Row and Fnishing Instructions

Monday, August 3: Giveaway prizes and how to enter

Crochet at your own pace!

Monday, August 31: The big reveal: Flash your shawls on Ravelry, Facebook, G+, or Twitter, and/or your blog for a chance to win awesome prizes!

I’m looking forward to crocheting together!

If you’ll be joining in, let me know in the comments!

148 thoughts on “Announcing the Picnic Basket Shawl Crochet-a-Long!”

  1. I am a beginner compare to others. Will the pattern be explain so a newly like me will be ok. Thanks
    I do not known how to blog just Facebook

    • Elaine, thanks for asking. You don’t need to know how to blog to participate and you are definitely welcome to say hi on Facebook (I’m there a lot, too)!

      The pattern will be written in a style similar to what you might find in a magazine, but I’ll be sharing some pictures to help people out. Please do let me know if you have questions.

  2. Hi:
    I shall be joining your Picnic Basket Shawl Crochet along. But I think I’ll be a bit late as I have purchase my wool and also find a LYS that sells Malabrigo Sock Yarn. I really like your crochet alongs, because they are very interesting and easy to follow. I’m kind of a slow crocheter but I do eventually get my projects done.
    Thank you, shirley

  3. I’ll be joining in on this lovely shawl pattern. Hope I can remember to come back to this page when it starts next week. 🙂

  4. I’m in. Fingers crossed I can use up some of my hoard. LOL nothing like having another reason to buy yarn. 🙂

  5. That shawl is so pretty and perfect for warm California on those cool autumn nights. I’m going to give this a try.

  6. I’m in, I have some luxurious Ruby yarn that is very thin (but rated as a 3?) that I’m going to use. I just ahead to go ahead and buy the pattern on Craftsy tho, but will follow with the group! Hopefully this one will stay mine!! I usually gift or sell most of what I make.

  7. This is the first CAL that I am joining. I am fairly new to crocheting and looks like a great project to take on a long flight. I am really excited to try this shawl, think it will make a nice gift for my sister this Christmas.
    Thanks for the link for the Underground Crafter, already signed up so I don’t miss the information at the end of the month!!!
    Many Thanks!!

  8. Would love to join in but it seems that once I find websites like this I forget where it was. I am not a fast “hooker” but I am hoping I would be able to finish this before my son’s wedding on Aug 8th.

  9. Count me in! I’ll be starting late because I’ve got to finish up a present for someone, but I’m looking forward to this!


  10. I love shawls and wraps and am really looking forward to this CAL. Thank you for presenting this as the stitches you chose are just lovely. Love the colors, too.

  11. I am just now seeing this CAL. I would like to join in if isn’t to late. I have some cashmere yarn, could this be used for this project?

  12. I’ve never done a crochet along in real time before- I always seem to find the time to start the project towards the end or or after everyone else is done. I started on part 1 yesterday, making your CAL the first time I’ll actually be doing the same thing everyone else is (possibly a first for me in all parts of my life…. :^ }

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I’ll join in! Thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking for a pineapple shawl pattern that was simple.

  14. Looking forward to this. A little late, but I just finished the first three rows after finding this last night. Thanks

  15. Hi! It’s funny, another vendor at the market where we sell asked me on Saturday if I could make a lightweight shawl for her. I looked through my patterns and found one, then I found an even lighter one on All Free Crochet (new post) and yours showed up as “You may also like”! I believe this may fit the bill for what she wants–a lightweight shoulder wrap to wear with her anniversary dress! I’m so excited! I think she’s going to love it! Thank you! Your timing couldn’t be better!

  16. Hi,
    I would like to join if it’s not to late. I just purchased some Merino Lace yarn. I just had to have. Lol
    I’ve never worked with anything but worsted weight. I would like very much to make your shawl. A cal and fine yarn a first for me. 🙂

  17. Just stumbled over your CAL. What a lovely pattern! I’ll go rifle through my stash, there should be some suitable yarn somewhere…

  18. I just found this CAL and I am thrilled! I have this beautiful silk lace weight yarn from Darn Good Yarn that I want to make a light weight summer wrap with. I have been looking and looking for the last few weeks for the perfect pattern, and I believe I have just found it. I’m in with a big smile on my face and looking forward to catching up.


  19. Hi I just found your cal via I hope it isn’t too late to jump in. I am new to lace so want to practice, if it comes out allright it

    will be a Christmas present for a family member.

  20. I just saw the news of this CAL on the Moogly newsletter. I want to join in (hope its not too late). I have the PERFECT yarn for this (somewhere in my stack of yarn… I’ll have to dig… I might need a shovel!). I was keeping it for a nice shawl but never found a pattern I like, until now. Can’t wait to get home and find my yarn to get started! 🙂 I’ll join the group on Ravelry tonight.

  21. I’m a complete and total idiot, but I’m thinking I’m in! (Actively working on two blankets, a sweater vest for my guy, four hats, and the slip stitch Agatha Shawl; and a bunch of sewing projects–hence idiot!)


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