How To Crochet the Slanted Puff Shell Stitch

The Slanted Puff Shell Stitch is a shell stitch that is similar to a v-stitch. It’s a very pretty stitch that you can use for a many projects, and I’ll be using it in an upcoming shawl pattern. I’ve included both a video tutorial and the written pattern description so you can crochet the way … Read more

Lamb Stitch Crochet Pattern: Plush Shag Pillow

I’m kicking off the Cozy at Home Crochet Along with CAL Central with this ultra cozy and super plush pattern. The lamb stitch mimics the look of deep pile shag and with a soft, chenille-feel yarn, you’ll just love to run your fingers through the Plush Shag Pillow! This post contains affiliate links. I may … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Slouchy Beanie by Olena Huffmire Designs (with video!)

I’m so excited to introduce Olena Huffmire. Olena is a talented crochet and knitting designer that will be contributing several designs to the blog over the coming months. Olena has designed this fun Slouchy Beanie exclusively for Underground Crafter readers, so read on for the crochet pattern! If you’re more of a visual learner, she’s … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Gentle Gradient Ripple Blanket with video tutorial

In New York City, we’re in the midst of a cold wave, complete with a heavy snow storm just a few days ago. Work has been a bit stressful, so I decided to do some “comfort crocheting” to get through the chilly nights at home, and a cozy throw seemed like just the right project. … Read more

Crochet Pattern: Triplet Ripple Baby Blanket with video tutorial

This stunning ripple baby blanket pattern includes a video tutorial to help you make all the special stitches. This post contains affiliate links. Yarn for the sample was generously provided by Lion Brand. It’s my opinion that you can never go wrong with a ripple blanket. And, don’t people always say that three is better … Read more

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