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I’m still working on two of the same projects since my last Work in Progress Wednesday and Yarn Along post.  My version of the Pineapple Doily Shawl by Laura Garsten seemed to be coming along quite well.  I was working on it during the commute back and forth to my Saturday crochet class.  But when I took it out of the bag to take pictures for today’s post…

I noticed a bit of an oopsie.

At some point, I seem to have turned in the middle of a row, and made two more rows on one side.  (In the picture, the right side.)  Since I’ll be pulling out a few rows, I’m not actually as far along as I thought I was.  Sigh.

The sample for my secret project in Inca Eco for Galler Yarns is moving along nicely.

I’ll let you know when I finish the sample and the freebie pattern is published.

As for reading, I just started Halfway Human by  Carolyn Ives Gilman last night.  There was some promotion back in April and it was a free Kindle book at that time.  The description of it as feminist sci fi intrigued me.  I have really been missing the strong female perspective coupled with great writing since my favorite sci fi author, Octavia Butler, died in 2006.  I don’t have an opinion on the book yet since I’m only partway through the first chapter, but I have high hopes!

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