Great New Ways with Granny Squares Book Review with Crochet Pattern: Throw by Rosa P.

I’m excited to share a crochet granny square pattern book review with a giveaway. I’ve also included an excerpted pattern for a beautiful throw, so read on for details!

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Book Review

Book Review: Great New Ways with Granny Squares by Rosa P. via Underground Crafter with excerpted pattern: ThrowGreat New Ways with Granny Squares by Rosa P. is a granny square pattern collection that was originally published in German. The book starts with an introduction by Rosa P., who encourages crocheters to “[c]hoose chain stitch instead of the lotus pose. Or perhaps chain stitch in the lotus pose” to relax. Since granny squares are my meditative crochet projects of choice, I was immediately intrigued.

After Rosa’s introduction, a chart notes that patterns in the book are rated by stars in five levels of difficulty. The book includes:

  • * quick and easy – 2 patterns,
  • ** easy – 9 patterns,
  • *** average – 6 patterns,
  • **** requires some practice – 1 pattern, and
  • ***** more challenging/requires more time – 2 patterns.

The book continues onto a table of contents where projects are arranged by season. Good To Know includes information about hooks, yarns, and reading international stitch symbols. Basic Crochet Course includes written and illustrated instructions for the chain, chain ring, magic ring, five basic crochet stitches (single crochet, slip stitch, double crochet, half double crochet, and treble crochet), six special stitches or techniques, joining yarn, and changing colors. The stitches are listed in U.S. terms with U.K. terms in parentheses.

The book then continues on to the patterns. Each pattern includes a three word description, the size, the level of difficulty (using the rating system above), a materials list, gauge, and color sequence (if applicable). How It’s Done explains the joining and finishing process for each project. The pattern for the granny squares are in international stitch symbols only, but each pattern includes a key to the symbols used so you don’t need to flip back and forth for a key if you are new to stitch symbols. Each pattern also includes large, beautifully styled photos of the project. There is a diverse collection of patterns made with granny squares including:

  • 3 patterns for throws,
  • 3 patterns for cases and cozies,
  • 3 patterns for other home decor projects,
  • 2 patterns for bags,
  • 2 patterns for stoles/shawls,
  • 2 patterns for jewelry, and
  • 1 pattern each for a pillow, poncho, skirt, scarf, and wrist warmers.

As I mentioned, the patterns are arranged by season. There are six spring, five summer, five autumn, and four winter patterns.

If you aren’t comfortable with international stitch symbols, Great New Ways with Granny Squares may take a little bit of patience since there aren’t pattern abbreviations as an alternative. Another challenge is that the materials lists in the patterns don’t include the yarn weight, so you have to do a little sleuthing to figure out how to substitute yarn. (My tip would be to start your gauge swatch with a yarn with the same ratio of grams to yards as the one listed in the pattern, or with a yarn that is generally recommended for the hook size listed in the pattern.) I like the photographs in Great New Ways with Granny Squares and they definitely made me want to pick up my hook and start crocheting. It’s a small and portable size so you can carry the book in your project bag. There’s a diverse range of granny square projects in a range of contemporary colors. If you enjoy crocheting motifs, this book has plenty of fun projects to make.


Crochet Pattern by Rosa P.

Free crochet pattern: Throw by Rosa P. from Great New Ways with Granny Squares via Underground CrafterPublished in Great New Ways with Granny Squares.

Pattern and Photo © 2013 Christophorus Verlag GmbH & Co. KG. Shared with permission from Search Press North America.

soft. stylish. silky.

Size: 125 x 165cm (49¼ x 65in)

Level of Difficulty: ****


  • Silk yarn (100% silk, length 120m/50g, 131¼yd/1¾oz): 1100g (39oz) in cream, 250g (9oz) each in pale pink, grey blue and taupe
  • Crochet hook no. 6 US (4mm)


  • 1 crocheted square = 13 x 13cm (5 x 5in)

Colour sequence of square

  • Rounds 1–5 : Pale pink or grey blue or taupe
  • Rounds 6–9 : Cream

Free crochet pattern: Throw by Rosa P. from Great New Ways with Granny Squares via Underground CrafterHow it’s done

  • To make a square, create a magic ring using a double loop and work Rounds 1–9 of pattern 1 in the sequence of colours indicated.

Free crochet pattern: Throw by Rosa P. from Great New Ways with Granny Squares via Underground Crafter

  • Make a total of 108 squares. Slip stitch the squares together in nine rows of 12 squares in the cream yarn. (Note from Underground Crafter: You can find a tutorial for joining granny squares with slip stitch seams here.)
  • Crochet a border around the throw to Pattern 2. A pattern is worked over 4 stitches; continue repeating this pattern. Work the corners as indicated in the pattern.

Free crochet pattern: Throw by Rosa P. from Great New Ways with Granny Squares via Underground Crafter



So now that you’ve read the review and checked out the sample pattern, I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting your hands on a copy of Great New Ways with Granny Squares. The nice folks at Search Press North America have set aside a copy for one lucky reader!

This giveaway is open to readers with mailing addresses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or other parts of Europe, except where prohibited by law. Enter by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Monday, September 25, 2017. One winner will be chosen at random from the entries submitted via the Rafflecopter widget. The winner will receive 1 copy of Great New Ways with Granny Squares, courtesy of Search Press North America. Good luck!

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  1. I just love crochet and knit. Your book and patterns look so pretty. I love every detail. Thank you so much for making this giveaway possible for someone out here. That is very kind of you.


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