10 Patterns for Flapper Fashion

Flapper fashion is another name for the rapid change in women’s fashion that occurred during the 1920s due to socioeconomic changes after World War I (1914-1918). In this decade, “out with the old and in with the new” literally happened in the world of fashion as style evolved and women embraced modernity with sleek short dresses, a face of bold makeup, and a cigarette between their fingers. So here are 10 crochet and knit patterns for flapper fashion that are sure to transport you back to the Roaring Twenties!

10 Patterns for Flapper Fashion via Underground Crafter FB

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10 Patterns for Flapper Fashion

10 Patterns for Flapper Fashion via Underground Crafter (2)

Hemlines reached calf-length and coats were oversized and warm during peak flapper fashion season. Women had taken to wearing more masculine clothing which was looser fitting and didn’t emphasize the feminine figure. Women were also defining what they wanted to wear and how they wanted to carry themselves which is why this roundup brings together different 1920s inspired crochet and knit patterns for you to make in the twenties of this century!

5 Crochet Patterns for Flapper Fashion

This is a list of crochet patterns ranging from hat and dress to aviator and sweater which are reminiscent of the twenties.

Vintage Cloche Hat by Littlejohn’s Yarn

Vintage Crochet Cloche

The cloche hat was a signature of the 1920s and this pattern captures that vintage crochet look perfectly! Back then, it was worn more by the upper class but now, anyone with some nice yarn and crochet hook can get their hands on one.

Amethyst Dress by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

Amethyst Dress

This crochet dress goes in-line with the slightly shortening lengths of the twenties but with a modern twist that shows off those curves.

An Unconventional Aviator by Underground Crafter

An Unconventional Aviator

Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and she rose to fame in 1928 when she undertook the journey. To commemorate her achievements, here’s an iconic crochet aviator pattern.

Namib Dress by Knitting With Chopsticks

Namib Dress

The hemline for this dress may be a bit higher than what was found in the 1920s (no worries – you can add a few inches yourself) but the solid colors and the overall simplistic design are great for that time period.

Bridgette Long Sweater Jacket/Duster by Arica Presinal

Bridgette Long Sweater Jacket_Duster

Having longer, more looser-fitting coats and sweaters were all the rage and this crochet duster pattern will walk you through making one for yourself or a loved one.

5 Knit Patterns for Flapper Fashion

Here are 5 knit patterns to inspire you to make flapper fashion-worthy statements (maybe even as additions to a Halloween costume?).

Flapper Cloche by Lion Brand Yarn

Flapper Cloche Pattern

A simple, easy, and quick knit cloche pattern to grab and go once done. Make a few of these to wear according to your outfit of the day!.

Summer Dress with the Round Yoke by ABC Knitting

Summer Dress with the Round Yoke

This is another simplistic dress pattern which can be paired with a set of patterned stockings (very popular in flapper fashion) and adjusted according to how modern or 1920s you want it to look.

Chunky Cardigan by Handy Little Me

Chunky Cardigan

This knit pattern for a loose and oversized cardigan fits right into the twenties aesthetic. You can add a button to the side to give it that wrap which was popular back then too!

Bralette : Misty Moonlight by Brome Fields

Bralette _ Misty Moonlight

There was a lot of home-making of bras during this time period as women decided how they wanted their chests to appear in their outfits. It wasn’t until a decade later (in the 1930s) that bras were designed to separate the breasts.

Flapper Dress by Kristin Omdahl

Flapper Dress

For this one, stockinette-stitch ruffles are made with sequins put into the skein to give this knit piece the sparkle and frill as a statement 1920s-inspired dress.

10 Patterns for Flapper Fashion via Underground Crafter

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