30+ Top Cricut Maker Projects

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I’m sharing my five top Cricut Maker projects, along with 26 favorites from some of my blogger friends. Whether you’ve just brought a Maker home and are getting ready to make your first project, or you are looking for ideas for your next 25+ projects, this post has you covered!

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If you’re like me, what initially attracted you to the Cricut Maker is its ability to cut fabric without a stabilizer, right out of the box! Each Maker comes with a Rotary Blade and a FabricGrip Mat so you can cut fabric as soon as you unbox it.

I use my Maker to cut fabric while I’m doing other things, like setting up my sewing machine or ironing other pieces of fabric. I also use it to cut complex pattern shapes precisely.

Answers to Your Top 5 Cricut Maker Questions + How To Make a Vintage Bear Softie by Underground Crafter | cut fabric on mat

And, if you’re the type of quilter that makes sampler blocks with lots of pieces, you can use it to cut all of those individual pieces out. It’s also great for keeping your back or wrists from hurting if you don’t have a perfectly ergonomic fabric cutting station.

Cricut Maker

If you’re new to the Cricut Maker, you’re probably wondering what else makes it different from other cutting machines. The key is its adaptive tools system which allows you to change out blades, tips, pens, and wheels with ease to create a wide variety of projects. There are so many different adaptive tools, I haven’t even tried them all yet!

My 5 Top Maker Projects

I’m sharing my five top Cricut Maker projects from the blog along with 26+ more projects from my favorite bloggers using the Rotary Blade, Knife Blade, Wavy Blade, Engraving Tip, and Scoring Wheels. These are just five of more than a dozen tools available just for the Maker.

The Kawaii Gift Box is a great newbie leather sewing project. Cutting leather is not as simple as cutting fabric and any mistakes can damage the leather. If I had to cut the leather by hand, I would have never tried to make the bow shape. With the Maker, this project was so simple. (And yes, that is a precisely cut mouth made with Cricut Iron-On.) The Kawaii Gift Box is a great add on to any handmade or store bought gift.

The Modern Quilt Pillow was one of the first projects I made using the Rotary Blade. (If you’re looking for more twists and turns in your cut, try the Vintage Bear Softie instead.) I designed it myself using the square and rectangle shapes in Cricut Design Space and the fabric cut quickly with the Rotary Blade. It’s a simple quilt-as-you-go project that you can easily customize.

I also used the Rotary Blade to cut the fabric for my Boho Stitch Sampler Pillow. The Washable Fabric Pen created the circular “outline” for the embroidery. I did completely freeform embroidery, but you could also use the Cricut Washable Fabric Pen to mark out an embroidery pattern. You can practice your embroidery stitches while making a cute decorative pillow!

Boho Stitch Sampler Pillow with Cricut Maker Tutorial by Underground Crafter | Embroidery sampler pillow against faux fur background

I’ve always been terrified intimidated by paper crafts but the Cricut Scoring Wheels make these so easy! I made cards with perfect folds in minutes and this beautiful Foil Poster Board Gift Box that was very easy to assemble.

How To Make a Foil Poster Board Gift Box with the Cricut Maker Double Scoring Wheel by Underground Crafter - Heart Gift Box with other decorative boxes

And, finally, my favorite non-fabric projects to make with my Cricut Maker iron-on totes and t-shirt. I’m particularly proud of these Iron-On Tote Bags. On the Maker, I often use Fast Mode to make my last-minute iron-on gifts, like this personalized onesie for my newborn cousin.

These are my top Cricut Maker projects but I searched the web to find more Cricut Maker to keep you inspired. Here are 26+ of my favorites.

13+ Rotary Blade Projects

These sewing, quilting, low-sew, and fabric/felt crafts all start with a Cricut Maker and a Rotary Blade.

7 Knife Blade Projects

The Knife Blade is a Cricut Maker tool I haven’t had the chance to try yet, but I just love the look of these projects so it’s on my list for the near future!

6 Projects Using Other Adaptive Tools for Cricut Maker

As I mentioned, the Scoring Wheels turn any paper craft bumpkin like me into a pro, but they can be used for other types of projects, too. I’ve also included projects made with the Wavy Blade and Engraving Tip, which are also on my list of tools to try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Cricut Maker projects! If you have any questions about the Maker, let me know. I’d be happy to answer.

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