Introducing Granny Square Month 2017

Granny Square Month with Underground Crafter | 30 days of crochet motif patterns, roundups, and giveaways!

Earlier this year, I asked my newsletter subscribers about their favorite crafts projects for warmer weather. It turns out that many of my readers turn to granny squares when temperatures rise. It’s no surprise, since crocheted motifs are portable and use just a small amount of yarn (including scrap yarn from other projects). Granny squares also just happen to be my go-to stress relief projects and my favorite charity projects. Oh, and they’re just plain cute!

Since that survey, I’ve been planning a way to highlight granny squares on the blog as soon as warmer weather hit, and I’m excited to kick off Granny Square Month! Every day in June, I’ll be sharing a post related to granny squares, including free crochet patterns, roundups, book reviews, giveaways, tips, and tutorials. I hope all of this granny square love will give you plenty of inspiration for the whole summer.

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But, first, let’s clear up a controversy within the crochet community: What is a granny square?

Technically, only the squares based on the original, 1890 Weldon and Company of London printed pattern (like the one I use in the Mod 9-Patch Blanket) should be called granny squares. All other crochet patterns for squares are supposed to be called motifs, blocks, or squares, but not “granny” squares.

Granny Square Month 2017 with Underground Crafter
I used traditional granny squares in my Mod 9-Patch Blanket.

Does this mean I’m going to spend 30 days showing you the same pattern? Um, no.

Although some crocheters get upset by what they see as a misuse of the term granny square, I am quite comfortable with using “granny square” to mean “a square that is crocheted.” In this month’s festivities, I’ll even be including some non-square patterns using the traditional granny square stitch pattern AND some crochet motifs in other shapes.

There are real controversies in the world. Let’s not quibble over minor ones like which motifs can be called granny squares.

So, how can you join in on Granny Square Month?

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Geometric Pillows & Afghans

Here are a few granny square resources to get you started.

Here are some of my existing granny square patterns, tips and tutorials, and roundups. Click on the image to go to the post.

Flower Loom Granny Square, free crochet pattern with video tutorial by Underground Crafter15 free crochet patterns for floral granny squares, roundup curated by Underground Crafter#HowTo design a beautiful blanket using granny square patterns from multiple sources on #Crochet #TipsTuesday with Underground CrafterMod 9-Patch Blanket, free crochet pattern by Marie Segares/Underground Crafter#5FridayFreebies #Roundup of free #crochet patterns for 6" (15 cm) granny squares on Underground CrafterGift Pocket Bear, free crochet pattern by Underground CrafterGrannies, Grannies, Everywhere! Roundup of 15 free crochet patterns using granny squares, granny stripes, and granny ripples, curated by Underground Crafter.

Granny Square Month Schedule

I’ll be updating this list throughout the month to include the links as new posts go live. These links will remain up after Granny Square Month so you can come back and use this page as a resource.

Thanks for being part of Granny Square Month! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  1. Dear Marie, I am so HAPPY to have found your site!! Finally a site for Granny Squares ! I LOVE Granny squares. I have tried other patterns but never really satisfied with them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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