Roundup: 15 Free Crochet Patterns for 12” (30.5 cm) Squares

I’m closing out Granny Square Month with a roundup of 15 free crochet patterns for 12” (30.5 cm) squares. These larger motifs are great because you only need to make a few to finish your project, and they can be combined with 4” (3 x 3 layout), 6” (2 x… View Post

Crochet Pattern: Solid Granny Hexagon

I mentioned on Wednesday that hexagons are actually my favorite shape for motifs, so I thought today I would share the pattern for the classic Solid Granny Hexagon. This simple motif can be adjusted to your preferred size and joined, or you can just make one huge hexagon as your… View Post

Roundup: 27 Free Crochet Border Patterns

Borders can pull a motif blanket pattern together and add the finishing touches that make a pattern really wow. In today’s Granny Square Month post, I’m sharing twenty-seven free crochet border patterns for your next granny square (or hexagon) blanket! This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at… View Post

Roundup: 12 Free Crochet Hexagon Patterns

Hexagons are one of my favorite shapes. Today’s Granny Square Month post is a roundup of twelve free crochet hexagon patterns, including motifs, blankets, a soccer ball, and a rug. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation (at no added cost to you) if you make a purchase… View Post

Crochet Pattern: Granny Chevron Wrap

It’s no secret that I love using asymmetry in my designs. I’m sharing the free crochet pattern for the Granny Chevron Wrap, a rippled rectangular wrap that features stripes and color blocking to make a dramatic statement. This post is part of my 30-day celebration of Granny Square Month. This… View Post